Algonquin canoe routes map

Along with campsites and portages, hiking trails, canoe routes and points of interest are marked. Algonquin 5 covers the area accessed through access point 17, Shall Lake. A large part of Algonquin Park is shown in very good resolution. But do plan for travel and leisure; and weather. If you would like more detailed descriptions, please call us, at 1.

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The scale is 1: Be sure to visit Algonquin Adventures. During the development stage, though, anybody can use it.

You can view and purchase 1: This algonqui page does not perform well with Internet Explorer 8 and below. You can spend daysif not weeks, creating awesome memories in Algonquin Park. This method calculates much more quickly than the normal method, but it may not choose the optimal route. Great first time trips.

Maps - Algonquin Outfitters - Your Outdoor Adventure Store

There are a variety of maps and several excellent guidebooks available for the Algonquin Park area. Be sure to visit his www. Kevin describes a number of routes, both popular and obscure, in an entertaining and informative style. Planning your gear is critical. algonsuin

Shipping of all online akgonquin may be delayed during the Canada Post strike. Maps are available online for free viewing and durable, waterproof print versions can be purchased at stores like Algonquin Outfitters.

Canoe Routes: Where should I go? - Algonquin Outfitters - Your Outdoor Adventure Store

We often suggest routes starting from Lake Opeongo access point 11 — we route an outfitting store algonquiinCedar Lake access point 27 — we have an outfitting store there alsoSmoke Lake access point 6 or Rock Lake access point 9. The most popular maps in this series are Algonquin 1 and Algonquin 3, which feature the popular areas north and south of Hwy 60 respectively.

The Route Finder Area calculation finds the points you can reach within a certain time or distance.

Please check the route to make sure it makes sense. This map shows the entire park and is an cano tool for basic route planning.

Interactive Map

This is a "Map Enthusiast" feature. Please use this form to report any errors or inconsistencies in the RouteFinder. The other features the Opeongo and Madawaska Rivers, which are generally run as day trips.

We consider Algonquin Adventures to be the most comprehensive unofficial Algonquin site. Each map is GPS compatible, shows contours, navigational aids, campsites, portages, historic and geographic features and other useful information.

Always have a good map and compass with you not just a GPS as electronics can and do fail and know how to use them. You must be logged in to comment on portages. Please report any unexpected results, calculation errors, and anything that seems to be wrong. We know some of the problems, but please let us know if something doesn't work right or if you have suggestions to make it better.

Topographical roytes do not show campsites, only a few portages are marked and the maps offer no background information. Different areas of the park are described and mapped so that you can put your own trip together. Algonquin Outfitters stores carry maps and guidebooks from the suppliers described below. If the map changes in any way after displaying this link, you must press "Update Links" above to refresh the link before copying it.

They can easily be modified by adding layover days or travelling a little roues or a little shorter each day. If you want a reply and caneo not signed in, please include your email address. This is still something we are experimenting with, but it was so much fun and strangely addicting that we thought we'd share what we have so far.

You can order the Backpacking Trails Map along with guide books and many other useful park publications online from the Algonquin Park Book Store.

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