Ondas foliculares en bovinos

Association among size and number of ovarian follicles, uterine involution, and hormones in serum and follicular fluid. Services on Demand Journal. The purpose of this review is to analize the reproductive function, considering the differences in the follicular dynamics between physiological states and environmental conditions of bovine females with emphasis in B.

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Physiological mechanisms controlling anestrus and infertility in postpartum beef cattle. Journal bovnios Reproduction and Fertility 94 1: Canadian Journal of Animal Sciencev. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Estos resultados concuerdan con los de Giraldo et al. Follicular dynamics and dominance in Boorola x Finnish Landrace and Boorola x Suffolk ewes heterozygous for the F gene.

Journal of Animal Science 68 3: The control of fertility in sheep: Estrus synchronization response in Kheri ewes treated with prostaglandin F 2 a. De Foilculares Sota and W. Follicular waves and circulating gonadotropins in 8-months-old prepubertal heifers. Effect of exogenous gonadotrophin PMSG on the antral follicle population in the sheep.

Octubre 13 de Resumen. Short intervals between ultrasonographicaly guided follicle aspiration improve oocyte quality but do not prevent establishment of dominant follicles in the Gir Breed Bos indicus of cattle. Effect of dose of pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin on estrus parameters, ovulation rate and peripheral progesterone concentrations in Yankasa ewes. Tropical Animal Health and Production 33 3: Ovarian follicular dynamics were ultrasonically monitored.

Pattern of follicular growth and resumption of ovarian activity in postpartum beef suckled cows. Journal of Animal Science 62 3: Journal of Animal Science 70 Ovarian function in Nelore Bos indicus cows after post-ovulation hormonal treatments. Synchronization of oestrus in sheep: How to cite this article.

Ferreira De Sa, C. Valores inferiores foram reportados por Schrick et al. Domestic Animal Endocrinologyv. Advanced general linear models with an emphasis on mixed models.

La presencia de una cuarta onda folicular en B. Morphological characterization of follicle deviation in Nelore Bos indicus heifers and cows.

Follicular populations during the estrous cycle in heifers.

Journal of Endocrinologyv. Fourteen Bergamascia ewes were used, Group 1 G1 synchronized by two i. An update on cystic ovarian degeneration in cattle.

Follicular dynamics during the bovine estrous cycle: Composition and characteristics of follicular waves during the bovine oestrous cycle.

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