Seminar report on robotic surgery

At the end of the laparoscope are advanced, articulating surgical instruments and miniature cameras that allow surgeons to peer into the body and perform the procedures. At present, surgical robots are not autonomous, but are always under the control of a surgeon. As a result, the surgeon's large hand movements can be translated into smaller ones by the robotic device.

Acido tanico

In foods and beverages, tannic acid is used as a flavoring agent. Batch cultures of rumen microorganisms, using rumen fluids from 4 ruminant species, sheep, goats, cows, and deer, were used to study the ability of polyethylene-glycol PEG to inhibit the effect of 2 types of tannins, quebracho QUE, a condensed tannin and tannic acid TA, a hydrol Tannic acid is also taken by mouth and applied directly for bleeding, chronic diarrhea , dysentery, bloody urine, painful joints, persistent coughs , and cancer. In manufacturing, tannic acid is used in ointments and suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids ; for tanning hides and manufacturing ink; and to kill dust mites on furniture. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for tannic acid.

Analayo satipatthana

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