Sri vishnu sahasranamam tamil

Ritam sundarasnah kaala iti Dikbandhah. Life expressing through the hand is its function. Kaantah -One who is of enchanting form. This is Mahavishnu-the Supreme Self.

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Sir i want it in tamil version My Email id is Meenakshishankar63 gmail. Geeta charters thus, a steady psychological fall in a spiritual being, and this entire chain of self-destruction springs forth from desire.

All of them are appropriate here. The eagle after spying the carrion, swoops down and takes it away, thus purifying the atmosphere. He who has the supreme freedom to do Kartumnot to do Akartumor to do quite differently from what He had already done Anyathaa Kartum is considered as the Prabhuh.

On transcending the Vehicles of the body, mind and intellect, at a time when all experiences of perceptions, emotions and thoughts are annihilated from us, the Experience left over is the Supreme. In front of beauty, the entire personality of an intelligent man becomes calm and peaceful, hushed in silence, transported to ecstasy.

Kritam, Tretaa, Dvaapara and Kali. Sahasra-jit -One who vanquishes thou- sands. All scriptures, irrespective of the age, language, tradition and beliefs, ultimately indicate a Theme which is ever the same. Transcending the mind lie the shores of Bliss, beyond the waters of agitations.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram (Tamil)

Similarly, the Self indwells all and all dwell in the Self. Dharaneedharah -One who supports Dharah the gamil Dharanee. And the Upanishad is equally vehement and declares: The Supreme Lord is the One uncaused Cause with reference to whom everything is only an effect. He is the Inevitability behind the result of actions.

In Him can never be any contamination of the imperfection of Rajas and Tamas. One who has the capacity to comprehend intellectually all that is happening around is called Medhaavee.


The Lord is one who can wield Maayaa for His purpose without Himself becoming involved in it. When dirt Mala exists upon anything, it becomes unclean. The term Satyam used in ashasranamam has a special connotation.

Again, He takes innumerable incarnations in order to maintain the taw of the cosmos and also the law of evolution. One who is of the nature of the Maadhava-maasa, the month of Maadhava April-May can also be the suggestion in this term. The term Nara implies the ego-centric individuality and a large collection of them is called Naara and the One who is the sole refuge for the entire living creatures is called Naaraayanah.

Even when He punishes, it is only for inaugurating a greater evolutionary blessing.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Bombay Sisters(Tamil Devotional) (Audio-CD)

Desires spring forth from the Vaasanaas. Just as the One sun illumines everything in the world the Reality illumines both the fields of experiences and the knower-of- the-field. In Kathopanishad we read the declaration of Lord Death to Nachiketas how the same Truth has come to sahasranamaj itself differently from form to form.

Thus, the term Dhanvee, the Wielder of the bow, is quite appropriate tami Vishnu. Herein the Infinite Lord is but a Witness of all that is happening tamill though the experienced world is sustained in Him, He is not involved in the imperfections or mortalitythat are happening all around at all times in the Visvam.

Truth has got a magnetism to attract to Itself all the ego and ego-centric passions of the individual. Thus One who is changeless is Anaadi-Nidhanam; for, any c hange should include the death of sahasranama, old condition and the birth of newer condition.

This term clearly shows that all the thousand terms, used herein, though can be considered for the Saguna worship of Vishnu, represent nothing other than the Pure Self, which is the famous theme of the Hindu Scriptures.

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In the Upanishads also we find this meaning endorsed when the Upanishad mantra says: Ajah is also a term denoting the Creator, Brahmaaji; He who, in the form of Hiranyagarbha, apparently creates the delusory world of plurality is Vishnu. Fire knows no mercy.

The Lord is the One who dwells in all things of the universe and He is at once the Supporter of the entire world.

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